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Few Words on Florida Boat Window Tint Law

Marine or boat window tint law is critical for many reasons. While window tints offer various benefits, installers and property owners alike should not disregard and instead consider first the state laws. Boat window film protects the cabin of your craft against fading and damage that ultraviolet light causes. It reduces the harsh solar glare […]

Window Tint for Yachts In St. Petersburg

Residents of Florida have a special relationship with the sun. The hundreds of sunny days the state sees each year mean more time available for being outdoors than people in the rest of the United States enjoy. But it also means more sun damage to homes, vehicles, and boats and more potential sunburns that can lead to […]

Boat Window Tint Sarasota Florida

Sarasota, Florida is home to well over fifty thousand people. Many of those thousands own and enjoy boats that they can launch into the warm, calm water of the Gulf of Mexico from along Sarasota’s beaches, into the Sarasota Bay, or from one of the many keys that are just offshore from the mainland. This […]

Huper Optik Marine Window Tint Boats

Because the marine environment lends exposure to salt water, wind, inclement weather, and excessive sun exposure, it’s imperative to opt for the highest grade tinting technology. Cheap brands will degrade rapidly in the harsh conditions, and will need to be replaced shortly after application. In contrast, a top tier tint is highly durable and is […]

Marine Window Film Sarasota Florida

Life on the seas is a fantasy we’ve all had – soaking up the sun on the deck, relaxing to the sound of the water, dropping anchor for a swim or to gaze up at the stars. A yacht investment requires a hefty sum, so you’ll want to apply some customizations to further enhance your […]

Marine Window Film Sarasota Florida

With salt water, extreme weather, and sun exposure, marine solar films are subject to some of the harshest possible conditions. A low-end tint will crumble under the severe elements, showing signs of decay and discoloration within months, and will require replacing shortly after. Thus, the best approach to tinting your boat is opting for a […]

Marine Window Film - Huper Optik Ceramic Ft Lauderdale

While there are hundreds of marine solar tinting options on the market in varying darknesses, aesthetics, thicknesses, and materials, it can be difficult to navigate which option is ideal for you in your budget. Marine solar tints are exposed to the harshest conditions out there. As victims to excessive sun exposure, extreme weather, salt water, […]

There are numerous reasons for boat window tinting in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Florida locales – and not all involve trying to look more stylish on the water. Many are health-related: the sun’s rays are powerful and at times dangerous, so taking measures to block it is wise for you and […]

Boat Window Tint Pictures - Jacksonville, Florida

Many people today have tinted boat windows, but that doesn’t mean that having the work done is the right move for you. There are professionals that will argue it’s the best move that you can do for your boat, but we aren’t going to do that. Instead we’ll take a look at the benefits and […]

Florida Boat Tint Laws

There are some pretty clear benefits to tinting the windows of your boat, but before you do, you should understand all the Florida boat tint laws in place. There are a few laws that you must abide by when having your windows tinted, so do yourself a favor and get to know them before you […]

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