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People who live in Florida have a “special” relationship with the sun – it is called the Sunshine State, after all.

Don’t hide behind closed curtains even on Florida’s hottest, brightest days

People who live in Florida have a “special” relationship with the sun – it is called the Sunshine State, after all. It’s sunny in Florida for more than 230 days annually on average, and while most folks love Florida’s bright, beautiful, warm weather, all that sunshine can cause some serious problems for your Florida residence. From high electricity bills to faded carpets to skin damage, the sun can bring as much hassle as pleasure, in fact! That is, unless the team from Energy Film Solutions has tinted your home’s windows with our quality infrared and UV-blocking residential solar window films.

Regular windows allow sunlight to stream into your home, warming it, fading furniture, artwork and upholstery, and potentially damaging your skin. Windows treated with solar window films let in all the bright, beautiful, natural light you enjoy but are engineered to block out the unwanted infrared and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum of sunlight – you can let the light in while keeping the heat and harm out!

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Energy Cost Reduction

About half of the sunlight that reaches the earth each day is in the infrared spectrum. Infrared lights is invisible to the naked eye, but you can definitely feel it: IR rays are the principle cause of the sun’s warming, and thus infrared light is the reason you pay such large electricity bills to keep your Florida residence cool and comfortable during the hot summer. With solar reduction window tinting, Florida becomes a much more comfortable and affordable place to call home! Window films from Energy Film Solutions block out most all of the sun’s infrared rays while still letting pleasant visible light into your home. You won’t have to run your air conditioning so often once your windows are tinted, and in fact in most cases the window tinting will pay for itself over a few years!

Ultraviolet Light Protection

UV rays invisible to the human eye, but don’t think what you can’t see can’t hurt you… or your residence and possessions! UV rays can cause serios damage to skin over the years, even causing certain types of skin cancer. UV rays also can damage your carpets, upholstery, photographs, and artwork through fading and bleaching. You want your residence filled with pleasant sunlight, not with the harmful UV rays that tag along on that 93 million mile journey from the sun to your Florida property. Energy Film Solutions solar reduciont window films let in all the bright, natural light you love while blocking UV rays and keeping you, your family, and your home safer.

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Glare Reduction Tinting

Is your home in the Sunshine State just too sunny for comfort? Of course you want to be able to see out through your windows and you want natural light to brighten your home, but if your windows just let in too much blinding light, don’t lower the shades or close the shutters, blocking your view out into the world – instead let the team from Energy Film Solutions install light-reduction window films! Our top quality Huper Optik Solar Reduction window films will leave you with a lovely view out into world, and a pleasant home to enjoy while you’re inside.

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