Frosted Privacy Window Film for Your Business

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Florida is home to thousands of different buildings, from world-class museums to towering skyscrapers to picturesque churches and more. With so many famous, bustling cities, from Miami to Orlando to Tallahassee, it obviously only makes sense that Florida is full of fine architecture (and much of it totally unique to Florida!). But too often when an architect is finished with their building design, they overlook one aesthetic touch that can mean all the difference for how beautiful a completed building will look: the windows!

What Is Frost Privacy Window Film?

In the simplest terms, architectural window film (AKA aesthetic or design-enhancing window film) is a film intended to modify and improve the look of a structure. While these window films may also provide tinting, enhanced security and/or privacy and other benefits, the primary purpose of architectural window film is about making a building look its best.

Frost Window Films for Your Business
Frosted windows offer the most elegant, attractive way to ensure the view into an office, medical practice, or any other professional space is totally blocked while still letting in plenty of bright, natural light. Energy Film Solutions offers it Florida clients multiple types of window frosting films, from films that can hardly be perceived in any way other than that the treated windows are not see-through all to way to bright white films that block the view, let in the light, and make a design statement all at the same time.
Custom Logos and Patterned Frost Window Films
Patterned window films really are just what they sound like: these are films we can install featuring everything from simple lines or geometric patterns all the way to custom orders featuring a logo cut from negative space or anything you can imagine. For the business looking to make itself truly stand out to the passerby, this is the way to do it. Patterned window films can be especially effective for businesses with large, street-level windows, such as gyms or retail shops. Patterned window film can make your commercial space more attractive while still allowing your windows to be seen through and to let in light.

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