Home Window Tinting for Energy Savings and Increased Privacy

Residential Window Tinting will save energy and lower A/C costs, add privacy and help protect interior furnishing in your home.

Everyone wants a bright, cheery home filled with natural light. Unfortunately, you can have too much of a good thing. Too much sunlight can make a room hot, fade furniture and create a glare that makes it difficult to relax. Home window tinting installed by Energy Film Solutions can provide a variety of benefits that will make your home safer, more energy efficient and more comfortable. Here is more information about the many benefits window film can provide.

A Better View

Some Florida homes are built to take advantage of picturesque views, but glaring sunlight may prevent you from enjoying these vistas to their fullest. Energy Film Solutions helps homeowners throughout Florida take advantage of these views by installing UV blocking window tint, reducing glare and making the view enjoyable even on the brightest of days. Window tinting can also provide a better view from outside your home. If your home or office is located in an area prone to attacks from graffiti artists, consider installing a transparent anti-graffiti film. Any spray paint that finds its way onto your window film can simply be peeled away.

Increased Privacy

Some window coatings are reflective, allowing you to see out but preventing others from seeing in. Someone attempting to peek in during the day will see only their own reflection. Decorative and frosted films are also available to add privacy and a touch of elegance. This is a perfect privacy solution in neighborhoods whose houses are built close to the street or each other.

Reduced Glare
The glare from intense sunlight makes it difficult to watch television or see computer screens during the day. Pulling the shades or closing the curtains solves this problem, but not without completely blocking the light and making the room dark. Home window tinting solves this problem without forcing you to darken the room with shades and curtains, allowing you to enjoy both the warmth of the sun and your television at the same time.

Furniture Protection

UV light is known to fade fabrics such as furniture and carpet and will do so in several rooms of your house as the sun moves across the sky. You can slow this damage if you are at home to draw the curtains in each room as the sun sweeps along the horizon, but what happens if you are out of town or forget? It is also important to note that closing your curtains will slow the fading of your furniture but will not prevent it as there will be times you want to use the room with the windows open when the sun is shining. Tinting your windows allows you to block the harmful UV rays that fade home furnishings while still allowing ample safe light to filter into the room.

Increased Safety

Window tinting increases your home’s safety in two ways. The first is that it makes it difficult to see into your windows. This means people walking past your home can’t look in and see your big-screen television or other expensive items. The second is that windows that have been covered in security film are much more difficult to break than other windows. The film holds the glass together, even if it has been shattered. It also prevents glass shattered by debris during bad weather from spraying into the home.

Improved Aesthetics

It is sometime necessary to freshen the appearance of your home as it ages. Maintenance jobs such as fresh paint and exterior power washing often become necessary to keep the home looking its best. The addition of decorative window tints and films are a great way to give your home a makeover. Much less expensive than extensive renovations, decorative films can add style and curb appeal to your home without the need for long construction projects.

Energy Savings

Florida summers are known for being hot, producing intense sunlight and even more intense air conditioning bills. Orlando window tint reflects light, preventing the summer heat from increasing the temperature inside your home. Window film can reduce your cooling costs by preventing up to 83 percent of the sun’s heat from from entering your home, resulting in massive energy savings.

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