Few Words on Florida Boat Window Tint Law

Few Words on Florida Boat Window Tint Law

Few Words on Florida Boat Window Tint Law

Marine or boat window tint law is critical for many reasons. While window tints offer various benefits, installers and property owners alike should not disregard and instead consider first the state laws.

Boat window film protects the cabin of your craft against fading and damage that ultraviolet light causes. It reduces the harsh solar glare that can make captaining a boat unsafe and riding in the cabin unpleasant, and it keeps the interior of your boat cabin cooler and more enjoyable. Boat window tint also adds privacy and style to your vessel, preventing people from seeing into the boat from the outside while giving the craft the sleek, refined look you want for your yacht, sailboat, or speedboat alike.

Why Follow Window Tint Law in FL

Unless your marine window tint complies with the boat window tint law in Florida, you might be forced to scrape off that window film or risk a fine if confronted by the authorities. Instead of facing that annoying prospect, make sure to install legal boat window tint right from the start. When you work with a certified Florida boat window tint expert, you can rest assured your vessel’s window film will be applied correctly. What you need to know before commencing the process, however, is that only those windows that affect the captain’s view of the water are usually of concern from a legal standpoint.

The windshield and windows immediately beside a boat’s pilot seat must not have a tint of greater than 30% (meaning that 70% of the sun’s visible light must be able to pass through). This ensures a clear view out and safer control of the vessel. Rear windows and the windows of the lower cabins and rooms of a boat may, according to Florida boat window tint law, be tinted as dark as a boat owner desires. You can create black-out privacy if you want or apply metallic or decorative tints.

Just balance the aesthetics of the boat window tint you choose with the intended function of the window. At a certain point, dark tints do limit the view, which can be a shame when there is so much lovely coastline and open water to see in Florida.

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