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Energy Film Solutions serves governmental clients all up and down the state of Florida, from courthouses to public schools to state, municipal, and city office facilities to police and fire stations. We secure so many government window tinting contracts because we treat our governmental clients just the same as we do our residential and commercial clients, offering only the best window films available installed by the most professional window tint team in Florida. Energy Film Solutions always offers competitive pricing, but we don’t tell our clients we are the cheapest window film installers in Florida, we merely promise that we offer the best value. And we mean it; especially as when it’s taxpayer money at stake it is all the more important that our clients get the most bang for their buck.

We’ll send a representative from Energy Film Solutions to any government facility to assess the property’s window tinting needs and to offer an estimate for the scope and costs of the project, all at no cost or obligation. Again, we treat government clients just like everyone else!

Energy Film Solutions for Your Florida Government Facility’s Windows

Energy Film Solutions uses an ample array of top quality, commercial-grade window films to meet all of your governmental location’s energy-efficiency, security enhancement, and worker comfort needs. We will gladly create a detailed analysis of your location’s window tinting needs and list out the potential benefits of a window film installation project. We proudly offer energy-consumption measurements versus savings predictions based on a careful study of your current electricity usage, so you can see what your facility’s ultimate ROI (return on investment) will be when you opt for a tinting project completed by Energy Film Solutions.

We understand that when working with official state, city, and local clients, it is more important than ever that we complete all work on time and on budget – the citizens of Florida count on you to spend their taxes wisely, so you can count on us to do the same. If a project runs over our estimated budget at no fault of the client, we will even cover the difference out of our own pockets!

We are one of only a handful of authorized dealers of superior quality Huper Optik window films; our expert installation crew uses only the finest window tinting films and the best installation tools and techniques, so our official clients know their tinting project will leave their Florida facility looking clean, crisp and professional – quite often, people will not even notice a property’s windows have been tinted/treated other than to remark that the court, station, or school building looks better than ever. Enhanced looks are only a small part of what window films offer our Florida clients, of course. Governmental window tinting is the right move for the government property that is looking for:

Reduced Energy Costs Due to Solar Reduction

Window tinting can greatly reduce your governmental facility’s annual air conditioning costs. By blocking out much of the spectrum of sunlight, including most notably the warming infrared rays and potentially harmful UV rays, window tinting films keep your property cooler even when the summertime Florida sun beats down at its hottest. Properly treated windows also provide enhanced insulation all year-round, so interiors stay cooler longer with less AC, and even allowing your location’s HVAC costs to be reduced during the cooler months as your facility’s film-coated windows keep the already treated, warmed air inside your location.

Heightened Security and Safety

It is impossible to measure how important it is ensure the safety of the men and women in uniform at Florida’s many police stations, the workers on staff at a courthouse, or the children studying away in a public schools. The least secure point of any building is always its windows, which is exactly why Energy Film Solutions uses security window films specially designed to reinforce and strengthen windows, making them virtually shatterproof and impenetrable. Our security window films can keep workers safe against potential attackers and can keep government locations and property from being robbed, damaged, or both by preventing breaking and entering. Windows treated with security and safety enhancing window films are also much safer during hurricanes and other natural disasters, as they are highly resistant to shattering even when struck by heavy pieces windblown debris, further ensuring the safety of the workers or students within and minimizing damage to government property.

Enhanced Privacy

Most every governmental facility merits the utmost privacy for those within. Children in public schools deserve to be able to see out through the windows and to enjoy natural sunlight in the classroom, but should never be able to be watched by those outside; likewise city workers, police and medical personnel, and those working in the legal system deserve a private facility that will maintain their comfort and anonymity as they work. Privacy enhancing window tinting can totally block the view in through windows from the outdoors while letting those inside see clearly out into the day and enjoy the benefits of natural light, too.

Enhanced Graffiti Protection

Energy Film Solutions’ anti-graffiti window films will help to protect your government property from graffiti and vandalism in two ways: first, our window films make surfaces more initially resistant to scratches, etching, and even paints. Second, it is faster, simpler, and much more affordable to replace window films than it is to replace damaged windows themselves! Let our business help to keep your facility safe from graffiti and defacement or to get the property looking great again in a hurry when vandals strike. We know how important it is for a municipality to look great for its citizens, and we’re there to help with that.

Enhanced “Curb Appeal” for Your Government Facility

There is a certain gravitas rightly associated with such institutions as a city hall or a courthouse, and in order to command the respect these facilities deserve, they need to look good. A big part of the appearance of a building comes down to the oft-overlooked windows. By making sure any Florida governmental window tinting job we complete is 100% to the satisfaction of both our client and ourselves, we like to think we’re playing our little part in helping Floridians feel that much more proud of their home towns, cities, counties, and even the whole state.

Energy Film Solutions is 100% licensed to serve the entire state of Florida and is both bonded and carries its insurance policy from a major provider, so our governmental clients know that there are no liability issues while we are working at their facilities. Contact us any time to schedule a no-obligation meeting, project consultation, and cost estimate – one of our teammates will gladly come to your location to discuss the many benefits our quality window films have to offer you.

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