Interior Commercial Window Tint in Orlando Means Better Business

Interior Commercial Window Tint in Orlando Means Better Business

Commercial Window Tint for Businesses in Orlando

When most people think of commercial window tint they think of the windows on the outside of office buildings that have either a dark finish, a mirrored surface, or sometimes that deep blue or green hue. And that is a big part of commercial window tinting, especially in Orlando where business window tint is so important given all the sunshine around.

But some of our best Orlando business window tint customers are small businesses, and lot of the window film we install for them isn’t even on the windows of the outside of their businesses. Often we are hired to improve the form and function of office interiors by using decorative and privacy enhancing frost window film for businesses.

An Improved Interior with Frosted Window Film

This midsize Orlando business had a great layout with lots of interior windows that created great light inside the office and made the space feel warm and welcoming, but the conference room felt too exposed and was not comfortable during meetings.

So they company hired us to fix the problem, something we did by recommending (and then installing) bands of privacy frost window tint. This tint blurs the view but still lets in plenty of light, and by leaving the upper and lower windows clear, the overall effect was to maintain the spirit of openness and collegiality but to add just enough privacy for proper productivity.

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