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Window Tinting in Fort Lauderdale for Your Home or Business

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Residential Window Tint and Commercial Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale, Florida providing home window film and commercial window film installation services.
Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Florida, and for plenty of good reasons, but for resident and professionals who live and work in Fort Lauderdale, all those bright sunny days don’t so much mean fun in the sun as they do huge electricity bills! There are well over 200 days of steady sunshine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and that means many days where your air conditioning units will be cranking at full capacity to keep your home or office feeling cool enough. The only other solution is shutting all the curtains and blinds and living in the shadows, right?Nope, not all – we know that, too! Why block the windows when you can simply treat them with solar window film? Yes, it really is that simple when you call Window Tint Florida.But there’s more to window film than just reduced energy bills thanks to window tinting: while Fort Lauderdale is great place to call home or to set up a business, that doesn’t mean bad things don’t sometimes happen here. Your home or your place of business might face the threat of a break-in an act of vandalism, or even the destructive power of a tropical storm on any given day.That is, until your windows are treated with security window films installed by the friendly folks from Window Tint Florida. That’s right, we can keep your property cooler and more cost-efficient and make it safer at the same time!

Residential Window Tinting in Fort Lauderdale

Lower your Electric Bill and Incrase Privacy with Home Window Film
Window tinting will save you a great deal of money by slashing your cooling costs and even reducing your heating costs in the colder months. Untreated windows let sunlight pour into your Fort Lauderdale home, where as with window tinting, your windows will block out up to 99% of the warming infrared rays that so quickly heat up a home. And as an added bonus, our window films also offer highly effective protection against the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin (even causing skin cancers after years of exposure) and can fade carpeting or wood flooring, can bleach upholstery and décor, and can ruin photos and documents over time. Our window tinting films will let in the natural light you love about Fort Lauderdale, as we use special Huper Optik window films that do not block the visible spectrum of sunlight. You get to have a bright and beautiful home that’s simple cooler and more energy efficient. As an added bonus, window films will also add a layer of insulation to your windows, helping to keep treated air inside your home, and that’s true even for the warm air you actually want during those rare times when Florida gets cold.
Enhanced Safety & Security Window Film
Windows are simply the weakest part of any property, from a security assessment. While of course you want to keep your family and your things safe and sound, no homeowner wants to have to put bars across the windows of their Fort Lauderdale home. So instead, just let us apply security window films to your home’s windows and you will be left with clear, lovely windows that just happen to be shatter resistant. Security window film prevents a pane of glass from cracking into multiple pieces and holds the glass in its frame so your home can’t be entered, and so everyone inside is safe from sharp shards of glass. We also stock plural window films that can provide both enhanced physical security and more privacy by blocking the view into your home from outside but without damaging your view out into lovely Fort Lauderdale at all.
Decorative/Architectural Window Film
Looking to give that Fort Lauderdale home of yours a “face lift” of sorts? There are more options out there than just re-painting the house or doing some landscaping – make sure not to overlook the windows during that remodel! Window Tint Florida stocks window films that offer everything from a soft frost finish (that looks great, lets in light, but blocks the view of prying eyes) to a modern metallic or mirrored look (great for sleek, modern homes), and we can also apply a range of widow films that change the color or add patterns to your windows and your home’s glass doors.

Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Energy Savings for Your Business from Commercial Window Film
Cooling the air of your Fort Lauderdale business costs money, but any good Fort Lauderdale business owner/manager knows that keeping their place of business cool enough for their staff and visitors is an absolute must, especially during the long “dog days” of a Florida summers! With professional window tinting, though, Fort Lauderdale becomes a much more affordable place to do business! Keeping the sun’s warming rays out means keeping your bottom line happier. We work with clients ranging from retail shops to restaurants to office buildings all over Fort Lauderdale, and we hear all the time that our window tinting usually pays for itself a matter of time. Window tinting blocks out the thermal infrared part of the spectrum of sunlight that heats things up, but it lets natural light into your Fort Lauderdale business. You will run the air conditioning less and save more money – it’s as simple as that.
Safety / Security Window Film
Keeping your business (your employees and your clients/customers) safe is the highest priority for any good business owner. You also want to keep your business protected against theft and damage. Most any thief will try to use the windows as their point of entry into your Fort Lauderdale business, so the safe move is to plan ahead and install security window film! The modest investment in security window films pays for itself the first time a robbery is stopped and your place of business and all the property inside it are kept safe. We can install security window films in all types of Fort Lauderdale businesses, even for shops or restaurants with huge plate glass windows that would seem easy to shatter. Our security window films render any sheet of glass almost impossible to break apart and then use as a point of entry. After an attempted break-in, your business might have to replace its windows, but no thief is going to get inside!
Privacy Window Film for Your Business
It is of the utmost importance that your employees feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable while at work each day. There are, however, few things that make people less safe and comfortable than being watched by strangers out on the street! Give your employees and your visitors the privacy they need to remain happy and productive with privacy-enhancing window tinting. Our privacy window films can block the view into your Fort Lauderdale office, restaurant, gym, and more without damaging the view from inside out into the streets. Our privacy window tinting lets in plenty of bright, natural light, but it keeps out the view of prying eyes.
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