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Energy Film Solutions serves commercial clients of all types and sizes up and down the state of Florida

Commercial Window Tinting by Energy Film Solutions

Energy Film Solutions serves commercial clients of all types and sizes up and down the state of Florida. We have worked on window film installation projects for Miami office buildings and for Orlando apartment complexes; we serve small businesses in Sarasota with the same level of care and attention as we provide for major industrial complexes in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Every Florida commercial window tinting project Energy Film Solutions takes on is unique, and that’s why our team always works to develop a unique plan to meet your business’s needs. From a school or daycare facility looking for enhanced safety thanks to security window films to a retail location looking to reduce their energy costs but not cut down the bright, natural light that fills their shop, our top quality Huper Optik window films can help meet your needs, and for less money than you might expect.
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Window Tinting for Commercial Building

Why Choose Energy Film Solutions for Your Florida Business?
Energy Film Solutions uses a comprehensive array of quality, commercial-grade window films to meet all of your business’s energy-efficiency, security enhancement, and other needs. We will gladly create a detailed analysis of your location’s needs and its potential benefits from a window tinting (or other film installation) project. Our company offers energy-use measurement and savings predictions based on a careful study of current-usage data, so you can see what your ultimate ROI (return on investment) will be when you opt for a tinting project. We make our recommendations for the ideal type of window tinting based only on what will be best for our commercial clients and never on what will be the more expensive options. Our company’s professional attitude is simple: happy customers are committed customers. Most of our Florida clients end up saving enough money thanks to reduced energy costs that within a matter of years their window film projects more than pays for themselves, and that gets clients talking to their associates as well!
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What Sets Energy Film Solutions Apart
Energy Film Solutions is an authorized dealer of industry-leading quality Huper Optik window films; our expert installation crew uses the leading window tinting film installation tools and techniques, so our clients know that their tinting project will leave their Florida business looking clean and crisp – more often than not, people will not even notice your windows have been tinted/treated other than that your building looks better. But enhanced looks are, of course, only a small part of what window films offer our Florida clients.
An Energy Film Solutions representative will be happy to schedule an appointment at your business to offer you a detailed project assessment complete with a no-obligation estimate of the potential costs and timeframe of your window treatment project.

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Commercial window tinting is the right move for businesses managers or owners looking for:

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Reduced Energy Costs Due to Solar Reduction
Window tinting can greatly reduce your business’s air conditioning costs. By blocking out a significant portion of the spectrum of sunlight, including warming infrared rays and potentially harmful UV rays, window films keep your property cooler even when the Florida sun beats down at its hottest. Also, your treated windows provide enhanced insulation all year-round, so your HVAC costs will even be reduced during the cooler months as your film-coated windows keep the already treated air inside your location warmer.
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Safety film offers protection against accidents.

Heightened Security and Safety
Even in many of the lovely locations around the state of Florida, window film is still a wise option for the business looking for enhanced security against potential break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Energy Film Solutions uses quality security window films that make your windows highly shatter-resistant, and that is as true against a criminal’s crowbar or baseball bat as it is against debris thrown airborne by hurricane-force winds. Windows treated with security films will also not send shards of glass flying inside your property when struck from without, thus keeping your facility safer for those inside. And unlike ugly bars or grates attached externally to prevent intrusion, security-enhancing window films are all but invisible and will in no way harm the visual appeal of your property.
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We install commercial window tint for businesses throughout all of Florida

Enhanced Privacy
Whether you own a small business, manage a restaurant, or oversee a massive office with hundreds of employees, the privacy and comfort of your staff and visitors are always on the mind of responsible management. There few if any simpler and more cost-effective way to make your facility more private than to apply privacy enhancing window tinting to your windows. Energy Film Solutions offers multiple tinting options that can entirely block the view into your business without noticeably reducing the view the people inside enjoy when looking out. Our window tints allow Florida’s famous sunshine in, so your business will still be pleasantly filled with natural light even while the view of prying eyes is blocked.
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Enhanced Graffiti Protection
Orlando Window Tint Pros anti-graffiti window films protect your business from graffiti and vandalism in two ways: first, our window films make surfaces more resistant to scratches, etching, and even paints. Second, it is much faster, simpler, and more affordable to replace window films than it is to replace damaged windows themselves! Let our business help to keep your business safe from graffiti and defacement and to get the place looking great again in a hurry when vandals strike.
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Bank of America

Enhanced “Curb Appeal” for Your Business
Whether you are looking to add a splash of color, a crisp, mirrored finish, friendly frosting, or even some patterned design elements to your business’s windows, we can help: Energy Film Solutions offers a wide array of aesthetically attractive window coloring and patterned treatments. Our Florida commercial window film clients come to us for everything from sleek, metallic-looking window films for facilities like fitness centers, car dealerships, or tech-related businesses, to more subtle frosting for locations like churches or daycare centers that want soft, bright light to shine in through their pleasant-looking yet very private windows.
Energy Film Solutions is 100% licensed and bonded and carries a large insurance policy from a major provider, so our commercial clients know that there are zero liability issues while we are working at their places of business. Contact us any time to schedule a no-obligation meeting, project consultation, and cost estimate – one of our teammates will gladly meet with you and your colleagues to discuss the many benefits our top quality window films have to offer you.

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