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Very Much Needed Window Film for Boats in Tampa

Very Much Needed Window Film for Boats in Tampa

If your boat’s cabin is often too warm for comfort, so bright that you find yourself squinting, and also easy to see from the outside, then you are among the many boat owners in Tampa. You need an updated window film for boats installed on your vessel. Why You Would Like to Choose a Window […]

Huper Optik Marine Window Tint Boats

Why Huper Optik is the Best Marine Window Tint for Boats

Because the marine environment lends exposure to salt water, wind, inclement weather, and excessive sun exposure, it’s imperative to opt for the highest grade tinting technology. Cheap brands will degrade rapidly in the harsh conditions, and will need to be replaced shortly after application. In contrast, a top tier tint is highly durable and is […]

Marine Window Film - Huper Optik Ceramic Ft Lauderdale

How Much Does it Cost to Tint Boat Windows?

While there are hundreds of marine solar tinting options on the market in varying darknesses, aesthetics, thicknesses, and materials, it can be difficult to navigate which option is ideal for you in your budget. Marine solar tints are exposed to the harshest conditions out there. As victims to excessive sun exposure, extreme weather, salt water, […]

Marine Window Film - Boat Solar Tint

The Many Benefits of Marine Window Film

Window film or window tint not only enhances the looks of a boat or yacht; they also provide many functional benefits discussed in this article. • Protection from harmful UV Rays Window films can block almost 99.9% of the Sun’s UV Rays, which are known to cause skin pigmentations and skin cancer. In U.S., research […]

Marine Solar Film

Marine Solar Film for Boat Windows

Every yacht owner or luxury cruise operator enjoys providing the maximum traveling comfort, safety, and privacy to cruise passengers. In the recent years, the continuously improving window film technologies have given many reasons to the yacht owner to rejoice. The many positive effects of window tinting technology have now made the luxury yachts a lucrative […]

Marine Window Film in Fort Lauderdale

Window Film for Boats – What You Need To Know

Window films help absorb solar heat and light reducing the risks of skin cancer and impaired vision. So far as fading is concerned, the window films substantially reduce fading by blocking 99% of UV rays of the Sun. No window film can completely reduce fading. Marine Solar Film The window film, depending on which type […]

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