Guide in Choosing Privacy Window Film for Boats

There are a lot of varieties of window films to help increase the privacy inside of a boat, and this makes choosing a privacy window film a little tricky. While shades and blinds can work if privacy is you want, they compromise the view outside. Window films can provide a certain extent of privacy without […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Marine Window Films

What Are the Benefits of Window Films? The marine window films block about 98 to 99 percent of the UV rays from the sun which are harmful to the skin as well as to furnishings. It also increases the level of comfort by reducing heat gain and the glare from the sunlight. Window films also […]

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Window Film in Boats

Installing window films is a new way to upgrade from the traditional and standard windows for boats. There can be a lot of reasons for window films in boats as well as advantages and benefits. Protects from UV Radiation Protection from the harmful UV radiation from the sun is one of the common and basic […]

Window Film vs. Tempered Glass - Which Is Ideal for Boats

Glass windows in boats give it a modern style. There are also a lot of types of glass windows for boats, from plain, frosted to patterned and there are also those that comes in various colors and shades. The type of glass used in boat windows will determine how strong it is to withstand certain […]

Why Is Window Film Better than Shades in Boats

There are a lot of ways and options in order to have privacy inside your boat as well as protect you from the heat of the sun. Two of these options are having window shades and installing window films, but, which is ideal and maybe even better? Although choosing between the two can be a […]

How to Clean and Maintain the Window Films in Boats

Having window films in boats can provide a significant upgrade to traditional and ordinary windows. When properly installed, they can increase their effectiveness as a solar and UV protection or an added security feature, depending on what type of window film is used. After installing window films in boats, the next thing to consider is […]

Why Choose a Professional for Your Marine Window Tinting

There can be countless benefits after you install window films in your boats. However, these benefits and advantages can only be maximized when done and installed right. This is the main reason why you need to hire a professional window tinting expert when it comes to tinting the glass windows of your boats. Professional Advice […]

What Is Perforated Window Films and How Does It Work

There are many types of window films that can serve a certain purpose. One of the common reason for using window films in boats is its capability to be an effective protection against the heat and glare of the sun. Solar protection window films can provide lots of benefits, and they also come with different […]

What Is Marine Ceramic Window Film and Its Benefits

Window tints are considered a new way to upscale the windows in boats. They can provide a lot of advantages and benefits, namely the security against glass breakage, UV rays protection, reduction of glare, privacy, and fading protection. However, not all window films are created equal. It has different types depending on how a window […]

How Static Window Film Works in Boats and Its Benefits

Window films are becoming a popular trend when it comes to upgrading and improving the ordinary glass windows in your boat. There are different types of window films available now to fit every need you might have for it. One of this is the static cling window film which is also becoming popular for the […]

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