Live Aboard a Boat in Florida? Then Marine Window Tint Is a Must

Live Aboard a Boat in Florida? Then Marine Window Tint Is a Must

Live Aboard a Boat in Florida? Then Marine Window Tint Is a Must

There are a lot of reasons a marine window tint is necessary. Florida has dozens of residents living aboard marinas. Often close-knit, thriving communities are formed around these unique locations. This is the case in the Port of the Islands Marina in Naples, Florida, and at Blind Pass Marina in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area to name a few of the many live aboard-friendly marinas. The Royale Palm Yacht Basin near Fort Lauderdale is another location.

As compared to living on a standard home, living aboard a boat offers a myriad of unique benefits. This includes freedom of movement, lower taxes, and no property to worry about landscaping. Spending most of your time on a boat, however, also comes with its share of drawbacks that must be confronted.

The most obvious factor faced by those who live aboard a boat that people in traditional residences do not is the issue on the weather.

First of all, Florida, the Sunshine State, is bathed in sunshine most days of the year. As most boats are ringed with numerous windows, exposure to sunlight means potential damage. The ultraviolet and infrared light can affect the boat’s interiors. This is when the need to install marine window tint for your boats comes in.

And when the sun is not shining, you can see the weather raging. Florida is also prone to extreme storms, with hurricanes threatening the state many months in a year. High winds can blow windows out of their frames or send debris hurtling about that can shatter glass windows on impact. A boat docked in a Florida marina can be subject to the brunt of foul weather and so as the people who live aboard the vessels.

Protecting Your Boat Against Environmental Damages

Marine tint can help protect a boat against damage from sunshine and storms, and it can keep the people who live in it safe as well. Boat window tint effectively blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light. It prevents fading, discoloration, and cracking that can leave the flooring, upholstery, and hardware in a cabin looking worn and compromised in terms of function.

Ultraviolet light is also hazardous to human health, as it can damage skin and is even a leading factor in the eventual development of skin cancer. Thus, solar marine window tint is good for the boat and those living aboard.

Boat window film also greatly increases the tensile strength of glass windows. It helps the panes resist shattering when struck by flying debris and from being knocked out of their frames when buffeted by the high winds of a powerful storm. Boat window film helps protect the floating home and its residents, and safety is paramount no matter where you live.

For those who live aboard their boats in Florida, marine window tint is as important as a reliable locking door for someone who lives on land.

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