Restaurant Window Tint in Orlando Makes Dining a Better Experience

Restaurant Window Tint in Orlando Makes Dining a Better Experience

We recently applied window tint to the large plate glass windows of this restaurant in Orlando, and commercial window tint has once again shown itself to be the quickest, most cost-effective way for a business to improve its customer experience. Prior to being tinted, the large windows of this restaurant were letting in too much light, making the interior filled with glare that reduced the quality of the guest experience. The windows were optically clear, as well, which allowed anyone walking by to see people as they ate, which also made the dining experience less pleasant.

Prior to window tint passersby could see right into this restaurant.

Commercial Window Tint Cuts Costs

Of course any good business owner is primarily interested in creating the best possible experience for the clientele, and it wad for this reason that this restaurant owner chose to have us install window tint in their Orlando restaurant. But the fact that window film for businesses in Florida reduces operating costs and saves cash is also a welcome bonus. The window tint we applied will greatly reduce the interior temperatures caused by solar heat, meaning less need for energy-draining AC system use. The savings in electric costs will pay for the installation of window tint over time, making the project ultimately cost positive.

Window tint cuts the glare but still lets in light.

A Safer and Cooler Interior

Window tint adds privacy to a business and reinforces the glass, making the location safer and more comfortable feeling for patrons. Tinting also makes the location look better from outside, making it more inviting. And inside, the cooler, more welcoming interior is never filled with harsh glare but still allows a clear view out through the windows so patrons inside can see what’s going on beyond the dining room windows.

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