Huper Optik Xtreme Marine Specs

Huper Optik Xtreme Marine Specs

Huper Optik Xtreme Marine Specs

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  • Jillian Wheeler
  • April 13, 2018

While the Ceramic line of Huper Optik tints offers some of the most advanced technical performance specs, the Huper Optik Xtreme line offers sophistication with a budget in mind. Unlike the Ceramic, the Xtreme is a metalized tint. Unlike cheap branded metalized tints, the advanced Huper Optik metal is stable and guaranteed not to fade or change colors. Offered in five different visible light transmission options, you’re certain to find an option that is ideal for you and your vessel while adhering to local codes and restrictions for tinting intensity.

While cheap metal tints can often interfere with radio and cell signals, Huper Optik uses advanced materials that will not interfere with frequencies or electronic control systems – critical when operating on the seas. Extremely durable and high performing, the Xtreme tint is backed by a lifetime warranty for satisfaction against discoloration, cracking, or demetalization, thus reinforcing your purchase with the assurance of ongoing top performance quality.

With a Huper Optik Xtreme tint, you can bar out harmful, cancer-causing UV and infrared rays, reduce solar energy and thus keep the cabin climate more controlled and consistent, reduce fuel use, and lessen pesky eye fatigue. The aesthetic is classically European and blends with any aesthetic to further enhance the design of your marine vessel.

Consult the Xtreme marine specs below to consider which option may best satiate your individual requirements for your yacht or boat:

VLT – visible light transmission
IR Rej – infrared rejection
VLR – visible light reflection
UV Rej – ultraviolet rejection
SC – shading coefficient
TSER – total solar energy rejected
SHGC – solar heat gain coefficient
Glare Red – glare reduction

Contact our team today to better understand the benefits of the Huper Optik Xtreme line, as well as the differences between that and other choice brands. We are experts in surveying your needs and asserting which options will best achieve your tinting goals!

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