Commercial Window Tint in Kissimmee FL Saves the View

Commercial Window Tint in Kissimmee FL Saves the View

Central Florida is know for lots of things. There’s Disney World, lots of lakes with great boating and fishing (and some gators), consistent weather, and lots of sunshine. And while all that Florida sun is welcome most of the time, when it makes a home or business so warm inside that it’s unpleasant, the folks affected would just as soon have a cloudy day or two. The owners of this restaurant where we recently applied window tint in Kissimmee FL were dealing with too much heat and brightness caused by direct sunshine, and before our commercial tint team applied window film, the only solution was closing the blinds. That had the effect of making the restaurant itself look closed and also making it too dark inside.

Also, with the windows open when the sun was more mild, the clear view into the dining area had the effect of making patrons feel a bit uneasy given all the nearby foot traffic. Again the solution was tinting for this Florida business.

There is no longer a need for this restaurant to close the blinds.

Window Tint Saves Florida Businesses Money

Window tint is a great investment for a business in or around Orlando. Commercial window tint can reduce interior temperatures so much that you will use the AC and fans less, saving you money on your electrical bill. Over the course of a few years or even a few months, depending on your HVAC costs, window tint will pay for itself in energy savings. And it will be immediately worthwhile given the added comfort of your customers.

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