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Live Aboard a Boat in Florida? Then Marine Window Tint Is a Must

Live Aboard a Boat in Florida? Then Marine Window Tint Is a Must

There are a lot of reasons a marine window tint is necessary. Florida has dozens of residents living aboard marinas. Often close-knit, thriving communities are formed around these unique locations. This is the case in the Port of the Islands Marina in Naples, Florida, and at Blind Pass Marina in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area to […]

Boat Window Tint Sarasota Florida with Marine Solar Film

Marine Window Tint for Yachts in Florida

If you own a yacht, be it a Hatteras, Regal, or Viking brand vessel, you have made a great investment in a superlative craft. And whether you use your yacht to fish in the warm waters off the long Florida coastline, to travel up and down the Atlantic seaboard, or to casually motor around the […]

Huper Optik Marine Window Tint Boats

Why Huper Optik is the Best Marine Window Tint for Boats

Because the marine environment lends exposure to salt water, wind, inclement weather, and excessive sun exposure, it’s imperative to opt for the highest grade tinting technology. Cheap brands will degrade rapidly in the harsh conditions, and will need to be replaced shortly after application. In contrast, a top tier tint is highly durable and is […]

Marine Window Film Sarasota Florida

Yacht Window Tinting – Huper Optik vs 3M Marine Solar Film

Life on the seas is a fantasy we’ve all had – soaking up the sun on the deck, relaxing to the sound of the water, dropping anchor for a swim or to gaze up at the stars. A yacht investment requires a hefty sum, so you’ll want to apply some customizations to further enhance your […]

Marine Window Film - Huper Optik Ceramic Ft Lauderdale

How Much Does it Cost to Tint Boat Windows?

While there are hundreds of marine solar tinting options on the market in varying darknesses, aesthetics, thicknesses, and materials, it can be difficult to navigate which option is ideal for you in your budget. Marine solar tints are exposed to the harshest conditions out there. As victims to excessive sun exposure, extreme weather, salt water, […]

Marine Window Film - Boat Solar Tint

Benefits of Marine Window Tint for Viking or Hatteras Yachts

The luxury Hatteras or Viking Yachts has to operate under tough conditions – spending long hours under the scorching sun, fighting the coarse marine climate, and maintaining the insides of the boat cool and comfortable – can be a tough proposition. The marine ecology can be harsh on the exterior of the of the boat […]

Boat Window Tinting Fort Lauderdale

Boat Window Tinting in Ft Lauderdale with Marine Solar Film

Window tinting isn’t just something for cars and trucks out on the road, it’s also a good investment for boats. With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, boat window tinting in Ft Lauderdale makes a whole lot of sense. The area is home to more than 100 marinas and many boats around the area […]

Boat Window Tint - Naples Florida 2015 Regal SC Yatch

Top 3 Benefits of Boat Window Tinting in Naples

There are few places around the country better for boating than Naples Florida. Home to Ten Thousand Islands as well as the Everglades, boating is an incredibly popular activity for locals and tourists in the area. As one of those boaters, you want to give yourself everything you need to have a good time out […]

Boat Tinting - Clearwater, Florida

The Benefits of Boat Window Tinting in Clearwater, Florida

In Clearwater Florida it’s always a good day to hop onto the boat and head out onto the waters of the Atlantic. With temperatures averaging around 80 throughout the year, it’s hard to stay away from the water in this sunny Florida city. Before you head out onto the water for the 100th time this […]

Marine Window Film - Boat Solar Tint

Marine Solar Films – Which is Best Window Tint?

If you’ve already made up your mind about getting your boat windows tinted, you still must decide what type of film you want applied to the windows of your watercraft. There are a few different types to choose from, but one is better than the others. The most common tint types are metallic, carbon and […]

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