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Huper Optik Marine Tint: Ceramic vs. Xtreme

Marine April 13, 2018

Huper Optik Marine Tint: Ceramic vs. Xtreme

While both the Ceramic and Xtreme lines from Huper Optik marine tint are backed by lifetime warranties to ensure their ongoing performance and excellence, there are some differences between the two series that may impact which tint you choose to apply to your boat or yacht. The Ceramic Series from Huper Optik ranks in the […]

Marine Window Film - Huper Optik Ceramic Ft Lauderdale

How Much Does it Cost to Tint Boat Windows?

While there are hundreds of marine solar tinting options on the market in varying darknesses, aesthetics, thicknesses, and materials, it can be difficult to navigate which option is ideal for you in your budget. Marine solar tints are exposed to the harshest conditions out there. As victims to excessive sun exposure, extreme weather, salt water, […]

Boat Window Tint Miami Florida

Boat Window Tinting in Miami Florida

Miami is home to one of the busiest ocean ports, and what place is there in the US better to do some boating and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean? With such a major boating community in the area you have undoubtedly spotted more than a few boats with tinted windows. You may have even wondered what […]

Boat Tinting - Clearwater, Florida

The Benefits of Boat Window Tinting in Clearwater, Florida

In Clearwater Florida it’s always a good day to hop onto the boat and head out onto the waters of the Atlantic. With temperatures averaging around 80 throughout the year, it’s hard to stay away from the water in this sunny Florida city. Before you head out onto the water for the 100th time this […]

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