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In this day and age everyone is looking to save money in both the short- and long-term scenarios. While some are obsessed with finding great deals to save money this week, others are looking for ways to invest a little money now that will save them more than the initial investment costed. One of the ways people are saving money is by purchasing and installing window film.

Window film has a broad range of applications from aesthetics on your mirrors or glass showers at home to industrial window film on office buildings, boats, or any number of other uses. Since technology has advanced so exponentially since window film first came about, there are many different types of window film. The most popular and productive of which is nano-ceramic film. This film is able to reject more heat and is more durable than any other window film due to the scientifically advanced process used to manufacture it.
The leading manufacturer and retailer of nano-ceramic window film is Huper Optik. Huper Optik’s website ( boasts many different uses for their window films including, but not limited to:Commercial Residential Marine Decorative Security

Security Window Film

Security window film is most simply described as a multi-layered ceramic film that is designed to absorb the energy from wind, intentional breakage (i.e. from burglars trying to gain access to your home or business), flying debris during severe weather events, and shock-wave from earthquakes or close proximity construction. This “shield” film keeps glass from shattering and breaking apart. Instead the glass will create a “spider-web” crack and stay intact.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films are intended to give your windows and mirrors an etched glass look. Choose a design for your restaurant, glass shower stall, mirrors, entry doors, or any other glass surface you like. You can use the decorative window film to create privacy or ambiance in your business or home. Not only are the decorative window film installations classy but they are aesthetically pleasing as well.Marine Window FilmMarine window film is specially manufactured to help reduce heat and glare on your aquatic transport while still holding true to the functionality that our customers require. Tint the windows on your boat and be amazed at how much cooler you stay while out on the water as opposed to the other anglers and sportsmen around you. Not only does the film cut down on heat absorption by filtering out specific light frequencies, but it also reduces the amount of glare, which can be a huge deal when you’re out on the water.Residential Window FilmResidential window film is an economical choice. The technology utilized to design this film allows it to also filter out specific selected light spectrums and as such allows this specially designed tint to reduce the amount of heat and glare on the windows of your home. This allows for greater temperature control of your home without the varying dynamics the sun applies to the cost efficiency in your home, thus saving you those precious funds that can now be put to other uses.Commercial Window Film

Commercial window film is designed to provide energy saving options for the budget savvy CEOs looking to save their businesses a dime in every scenario. As with the Marine and Residential film applications the technologically advanced process of manufacturing the ceramic film provides filtered light spectrums and anti-glare properties that is aesthetically appealing as well.

The ceramic films provide thermal stability, durability and hardness that is exclusive to the Huper Optik brand. One hundred percent dye- and metal-free, the films have a scratch resistant coating that protects the investment you make by keeping it aesthetically appealing for years to come.

Huper Optik offers window films that have a 5% – 70% Visible Light Transmission (VLT). This means that, depending on your needs, wants, and local laws and standards, you can order window film that will allow anywhere from 70% to as low as 5% of the sun’s natural light through. It also has been vigorously tested for infrared and ultraviolet light filters and weather-ability by various independent, highly specialized laboratories.

Huper Optiks window films possess exclusive technology that puts them head and shoulders above the competitors and gives them unparalleled performance, stylish aesthetic appeal, and gives YOU a warranty of confidence.

With the, almost, universal applications of this window film you can find yourself, as a home owner, business owner, CEO, security junkie, or marine enthusiast, being more than 100% satisfied with the performance, efficiency, aesthetic quality, cost effectiveness and overall investment you’ve made. Whether you need decorative films to add class and enhance the look of your chosen application, security and crime deterrence, or energy saving properties, you can acquire all you need with our superior window films and professional installation that guarantee your satisfaction with your product, it’s longevity, and your investment.

If you remember the simple rule, “You get what you pay for…” then you will realize that a solid investment in the nano-ceramic window film will more than return your trust and happiness while also, eventually, returning the money you spend up front to your pocket and then some. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call for your free quote and let us convince you!

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