Residential Window Tint In Mount Dora Florida Helps This Home Enjoy the View

Residential Window Tint In Mount Dora Florida Helps This Home Enjoy the View

We recently had the pleasure of window tinting a home in Mount Dora, FL, not far from our home base in Orlando, and upon arriving we could see exactly why the homeowners had chosen their location: this was a home with a view if ever there was one! Situated with an expansive view over Lake Dora itself, it’s no wonder that the residence featured so many huge floor to ceiling glass windows and doors.

However, those huge panels of glass were also causing lots of problems by letting in too much sunshine. Sunlight passing into a home unchecked can…

  • Cause fading and discoloring to floors, upholstery, artwork, and more
  • Raise interior temperatures and increase the electric bill as you use AC and fans
  • Put people and pets at risk of sun damage to their skin
  • Create an unpleasant glare that makes seeing screens, reading, and just being inside less pleasant

So there were lots of reasons that these homeowners were interested into residential window tint in Mount Dora, but they were equally concerned about losing any of that great lake view. So we had an easy solution: optically clear window tint that still reduces glare, blocks UV light, and keeps out much of the sun’s heat.

All the windows in this Mount Dora home were letting in too much sunlight.

Clear Window Tint for Homes Blocks the Glare, Not the View

All good residential window tint will maintain a clear view out through the windows, even privacy tint that makes windows appear much darker from outside. But if your concern is glare, heat, and UV damage and you want to completely preserve the view of the world outside your windows, an optically clear window tint like these homeowners chose is best best way to go. They will hardly even know it’s there, save for the reduced costs of their cooling and the fact that the interior does not fade over time.

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