Residential Window Tint in Clermont Florida Means No More Blinds

Residential Window Tint in Clermont Florida Means No More Blinds

We recently applied Llumar window tint to several windows in a lovely Clermont, FL home and the results were instantly appreciable. The homeowners had long been suffering with too much glare in the house and too much heat coming in caused by the sun’s rays. Until we arrived with our van full of window tint, their solution had been one far too many people turn to… closing the blinds.

Drawn blinds were the only way to keep out the sun before our window tint.

Prevent Faded Interiors with Window Tint for Homes

It was a shame these folks were forced to close their windows to block the sun, but we’re glad they don’t have that problem any more. Thanks to the residential window tint we applied these windows can now be left totally unobstructed and give a clear view out into Clermont, FL. Window film for your home’s windows or glass doors does not block the view out into the neighborhood, it merely blocks much of the sunshine that would otherwise have come in. Mainly, it blocks 99% of the invisible but harmful UV rays that can cause fading to flooring, upholstery, artwork and photos, and that even causes skin damage over time. Home window tint also blocks much of the sun’s hot IR light that is responsible for uncomfortable warming inside.

The view out through tinted windows.

Seen from the outside, this Clermont, FL home looks much the same until you approach closer and try to see into the tinted windows. While they are clear when viewed from inside, from outside they now are darkened and offer much more privacy to the people inside the home. And while the windows still let in plenty of visible light, they cut out just enough of that part ope the spectrum to reduce interior glare.

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