Reduce Eye Fatigue When Boating

Reduce Eye Fatigue When Boating

Reduce Eye Fatigue When Boating

When operating on the open water, it can be difficult to avoid eye fatigue when boating. Even on a day that doesn’t appear too sunny or bright, unfiltered sunlight – even sunlight that appears to be blocked out by clouds – can be a major detriment to comfortability and optics.

The result of this excessive exposure is detrimental eye fatigue. Because it decreases visibility and reaction time, eye fatigue can be a dangerous element to operating a boat and can also reduce the enjoyment on the water. To remedy this issue, you may want to consider investing in a tint application.

A high-grade tint protects against this dangerous glare by barring out those pesky UV and infrared rays, dramatically decreasing the experience of eye fatigue when boating and greatly enhancing optics to create a safer, more comfortable environment for an optimal experience.

But a tint application doesn’t just stop there – it has a wide array of benefits to heighten and amplify the performance of your boat too. With a top-end boat film application, you’ll be able to keep out 70% of solar energy and maintain a more comfortable and consistent temperature for your cabin without burning through fuel reserves.

Protection from solar energy also means filtering harmful, cancer-causing solar rays – both on the deck and in the cabin. These same rays can rapidly degrade your boat’s materials and furnishings, so a film can help to preserve the integrity of your vessel for a longer time. The tint application reinforces window strength and creates a more durable shield against inclement weather or theft attempts, giving you additional reinforcement and security.

To learn more about how a tint application can reduce the effects of eye fatigue when boating, contact the WindowTintz team for a consultation!

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