V-Kool vs Huper Optik Window Tint for Yachts & Boats

The Hatteras 77 sport fish yacht is an excellent boat that doubles as both a cruiser and sports-fishing utility. It is tremendous in size with roomy interior and intense endurance capacity. For a yacht that can easily combine luxury and sports utility with a beam of 22 feet, draft of over 5 feet, a freeboard aft of over three feet and overall length of over 76 feet, the Hatteras 77 yacht can displace weight of up to 175,000 pounds, freshwater capacity of up to 380 gallons and fuel capacity of up to 3,000 gallons. The waterline length is 66 feet and height above the waterline to the top of the Console is 20 feet. For a long lasting enjoyment of luxury and sports thrill, the Hatteras 77 requires a top of the line window film for protection, safety and temperature control.
V-Kool Window Tinting being removed from this 77' Hatteras Yacht in Fort Lauderdale

V-Kool Window Tinting being removed from this 77′ Hatteras Yacht in Fort Lauderdale

Some Hatteras 77 sport fish yacht owners have used the V-KOOL 70/Solitaire polyester film which comes coated with metal particles that mix in silver, indium oxide and other metals to create a muti-layered sputter coating effect that rejects solar energy by up to 55%. There are several other varieties of V-KOOL film 40 provides a total solar energy rejection of up to 65%. The V-KOOL 55 film rejects total solar energy of up to 59%. V-KOOL 30 film allows for up to 69% of total solar energy rejection. But even with these qualities the V-KOOL window film does not offer a long term protection for your Hatteras 77 sport fish yacht. Users have commented on its coating, metal particles and low quality temperature control. The problem with dyes, coats and metal particles on window films especially out at sea is the issue of fading and metal color change. Given strong winds, extreme weather conditions, and the salty sea water, a window film that is vulnerable to conditions such as that won’t provide lasting assurance.
Marine Solar Window Tint Installation in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Marine Solar Window Tint Installation in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Boat Tinting in Florida

Boat Tinting in Florida – 3M Window Tint vs Vkool Tint vs Huper Optik

A secure window film will not only allow you to enjoy the benefits of your boat with a relaxed state of mind, but you’ll be able to enjoy the sunlight without overheating inside. In order to save cost on replacement films, which can be time consuming and possibly damaging to the window glass, the best bet is to get a window film that is reliable. The Huper Optik Ceramic film rejects up to 70% of the total solar energy—exceeding the numbers from V-KOOL window films. The Huper Optik Ceramic window film also blocks up to 99.9% of any harmful UV rays that might enter in. You can enjoy the sunlight knowing your skin and eyes are protected by the Huper Optik Ceramic film so even if you have sensitive skin, you won’t be subject to burns and irritation.The best quality about Huper Optik Ceramic window films is that they are not made from metal particles that can easily fade away or change in color. The Huper Optik technology was patented for its high performing German technology back in 1998. The Huper Optik technology guarantees such high standards in quality performance that its even been used by the US government’s NASA Space Shuttle and plane pilots.
V-Kool Marine Window Tint being removed after less than 4 years. It is being replaced with Huper Optik dye free ceramic film

V-Kool Marine Window Tint being removed after less than 4 years. It is being replaced with Huper Optik dye free ceramic film

In order to withstand the toughest conditions out at sea, the Huper Optik Ceramics window film was developed in order to prevent glare during the day, and control interior temperatures by rejecting UV rays and rejecting solar energy. The cooler conditions of the cabin interior means you’ll save on fuel—a source far more precious out at sea since a gas station for filling back up isn’t always readily on site. This means you, your friends and loved ones are all well-protected from any harmful sun damage to the skin. In addition to this, your luxurious cabin interior furnishing can maintain their quality and longevity. With the UV ray rejection and temperature control, your furniture’s coating won’t peel, fade or change color.Unlike the V-KOOL window film, the salt water, extreme temperatures and strong sunlight won’t cause any peel back or fades. You can enjoy a lifetime of protection with the Huper Optik Ceramic film’s nano-ceramic technology. The Huper Optik marine window film’s high performance quality and resistance to extreme elements will let you enjoy your yacht out at sea for a long time to come.The Huper Optik marine window film won’t reduce visibility of your night time view. Its nano-ceramic technology keeps the glare, heat and harmful UV rays out, but at night, they still let you enjoy a food view of the sea waters and everything else surrounding you. The Huper Optik team ensures quality for your Hatteras 77 sport fish enjoyment either on day or night. Also, given the Huper Optik ceramic marine film’s guarantee of no discoloration during the lifetime of the product, you can be assured of its dependability and reliability for a consistent look from the outside of the yacht and look out from the inside of the cabin.Ultimately the Huper Optik marine window film is for more than just sun and heat protection. In case of extreme weather conditions out at sea, or any possible unforeseen accidents, the window film protects your cabin’s furnishing, you and your loved ones from any glass shattering. While at sea, the dangers of broken glass, albeit rare, can happen. If and when it does, the Huper Optik window film will maintain the shattered glass, keeping it held together in one place so that broken glass shards don’t cause any injury or damage on the yacht itself. Furthermore, when the Hatteras 77 sport fishing yacht is left unattended causing unwanted intrusions or break-ins, the Huper Optik marine window film will provide additional protection against strong blows. If a break ever does occur, the breakage will be held together in place so that no flying glass can cause further damage. In order to avoid complications that a broken glass might bring, investing in the Huper Optik ceramic window film for your sports fishing or luxurious cruising adventures will save you a great deal of cost on clean up, fuel and film or window replacement.All in all, the Huper Optik ceramic window film is the top choice among industry professionals who seek a reliable and enduring seal for ultimate protection against heat, sun damage and shattering. With its Huper Optik advancements in technology, the nano-ceramic coating provides top quality performance for your Hatteras 77 sport fish yacht enjoyment.
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