How Florida’s Boat Window Tinting Laws Apply to You

Florida Boat Tinting Laws

How Florida’s Boat Window Tinting Laws Apply to You

Applying boat window tint has immense benefits and can dramatically enhance your experience of the water. Before tackling any tinting task, it is critical to understand the restrictions for the level of darkness or reflectivity allowed in your state.

The worst mistake that boat owners can make is working with inexperienced companies who may apply an illegal level of tint. If you’re caught with an illegal level of tint, you will have to remove it and may face fines and charges due to the violation.

How Boat Tint Laws Work in the State of Florida

In the state of Florida, the laws are focused exclusively on the captain’s visibility. The boat windshield must be large enough for the captain to see properly in order to navigate. It must also not have a tint of more than 30%. This means that 70% visible light must be unfiltered to further ensure ideal optics.

Applying that 30% or less tint can be highly advantageous to lessen eye fatigue and enhance visibility. So long as it is not too dark, it can actually encourage a safer day traveling on the seas. Surrounding windows for the captain should also follow suit with this 30% rule.

For the remaining windows on your boat, any tint may be applied. Applying a high-end tinting brand with intense filtration technology means decreasing solar energy permeation. High-end tinting brands also filter out harmful rays. This results in a more comfortable and sustained internal climate. Other benefits include less exposure to cancer-causing rays and slowed degradation of your interior’s furnishings due to excessive sunlight.

If you are interested in applying boat window tint in the state of Florida, contact the WindowTintz team to ensure you are following all the legal codes. We are experts with the insight to ensure you are up to code and do not violate any requirements within the municipality. With so many products available, we are here to navigate which option will best achieve your tinting goals while following the Florida boat tinting laws.

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