Commercial Window Tint for Offices in Winter Park, FL

Commercial Window Tint for Offices in Winter Park, FL

Contrary to its chilly name, Winter Park, FL is just as warm and sunny as any other part of Central Florida, with temperatures hitting the 90s most summer days and rarely getting down to what anyone would truly call cool temperatures save for in a few weeks of the actual winter. That’s why office window film in Winter Park and in greater Orlando beyond is so popular. Window tinting an office or a home can greatly reduce interior temperatures, keeping the property cooler and more comfortable and also meaning a reduced AC bill as the location consumes less electricity for cooling.

But keeping a building or home cooler is just one of the benefits of getting window tint installed. This office in Winter Park got window tint as much for privacy as for heat rejection, and even that is but one of many other office window film benefits.

Without window tint, large windows like these allowed too much view into the workplace.

Window Tint Makes Offices More Pleasant and Productive

This office in Winter Park, FL got window tint installed for myriad reasons. First, it keeps the interior temperature cooler, making workers more comfortable and also cutting operating costs by reducing the need for HVAC system use. Next, it makes the offices more private, a necessity with street level rooms like this one where anyone passing by previously had a clear view in. Third, while still letting in plenty of bright light, window tint for commercial properties like this cuts just enough visible light out to reduce the harsh glare that can make it hard to see screens and can lead to eye strain.

Finally, commercial window tint also has a benefit that you can’t see or appreciate immediately but that you will over time: it blocks out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UVB rays, protecting the health of those within the building and preventing fading and damage to flooring, walls, documents, and more.

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