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Commercial Window Tint for Businesses in Orlando When most people think of commercial window tint they think of the windows on the outside of office buildings that have either a dark finish, a mirrored surface, or sometimes that deep blue or green hue. And that is a big part of commercial window tinting, especially in […]

There are lots of reasons businesses in Orlando choose window tint for their street level exterior windows. Window tint reduces the heat inside a place of business and can drastically reduce operating costs by keeping the interior cooler and meaning less need for use of the AC system. In Orlando commercial window film is also […]

frost window film office florida

Frost Window Film installed in this Orlando, Florida office. Huper Optik Architectural frost window film provides total privacy while still allowing light through. Included is a 15 year commercial warranty, backed by both by Energy Film Solutions and Huper Optik, the window film manufacturer.

frosted window film installation bank altamonte springs florida

Window film can provide privacy to an office space and help prevent excessive sun exposure which is more important in offices that have a lot of large windows as it prevents overheating and glare. In busy areas, the peace and calm provided by window frosting is a real benefit to office workers. Frosted window film […]

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