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Energy Film Solutions is proud to provide home window tinting and commercial window tinting for all of Boca Raton, Palm Beach County and all of Florida.
Some 90,000 people call Boca Raton Florida their home city, and for good reason: it is a lovely place indeed. Boca Raton is a lovely place to work or own a business, to raise a family, to retire, and of course to visit. One thing anyone, visitor or resident alike, will tell you is that it can get pretty hot in Boca Raton during those long summer months. What the visitor doesn’t have to worry about, though, is how all that Florida sunshine and heat drive up energy costs. If you live or run a business in Boca Raton, window tinting may just be the best way to keep enjoying your lovely, sunny beach community while keeping your cooling costs down. The team from Energy Film Solutions has worked with both commercial and residential clients all around Boca Raton tinting and treating windows of all types and sizes with top quality Huper Optik window films. Our window films offer benefits ranging from lower energy costs to enhanced security to added privacy. We are happy to come to your location and offer an in-person assessment of your property’s window film needs and explain the entire process, complete with an estimate of costs, and all at zero charge or obligation to you. Why do we offer all of that to our customers? First, because we care about people! Second, because once most Boca Raton homeowners or business manager realize how many benefits window film offers and how noninvasive it is, they tell us to get started ASAP!

Residential Window Tint Film in Boca Raton, FL

Window Film for Energy Savings
When sunlight comes streaming through the windows of your Boca Raton residence, it lights up the house, adding brightness and beauty to the whole home. Unfortunately, it can also drive up the temperature, causing you to crank up the AC. Sunlight can also fade carpets and upholstery, bleach photos and artwork, and even cause skin damage over years of exposure. Applying solar reduction window tinting your Boca Raton home means that the bright, visible sunlight you love will still brighten your home, but the invisible warming infrared rays will be blocked, as will the potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. Many people think window tinting means a darker, more gloomy home, but all it actually means is a home that welcomes in bright, pleasant light but blocks out the IR and UV rays that increase your energy costs and can present a hazard to your home and family.
Security Window Films
From a security assessment standpoint, the windows are the weakest part of your home. Windows are easily shattered by debris flying during a hurricane or by a brick thrown by a thief or vandal. That is, windows are easily shattered until the professionals from Energy Film Solutions treat your home in Boca Raton with security window films. Our security-enhancing films dramatically increase the strength and resilience of windows without in anyway compromising or altering their look or their function. Security window film prevents window glass from shattering into flying pieces when it is struck by an object. The film will hold broken glass in its frame so a criminal cannot breach your property, and so that everyone (and every pet, too!) inside is safe from the hazards of shattered glass flying around the home or strewn out across the floors.
Privacy Tinting
You want to be able so see out through the windows of your home but you don’t want people to be able to see back in, right? Well don’t crack the blinds and sneak peaks out into Boca Raton, instead have us install privacy window films that will make your windows impossible to see in through from the outside but that will still offer you a crystal clear view out into sunny, lovely Florida.
Decorative/Architectural Window Film
Is it time to give your Boca Raton residence a cosmetic lift? Don’t overlook the windows among all the landscaping and painting and such – adding decorative window films is one of the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing ways to get a great look for your home. The more windows your home has, the more you stand to gain from the many decorative window films we stock. Choose from gentle frost window films that look great, add privacy, and let in plenty of light or from brightly colored or patterned films for a bold statement of style. Or perhaps a metallic, modern look is right for your home – we’ll be glad to work with you to help you find just the right decorative window film for your Boca Raton residence.

Commercial Window Tinting in Boca Raton, FL

Energy Savings
Keeping your Boca Raton area business cool costs a lot of cash each year. But the responsible Boca Raton business owner/operator feels that keeping their business cool and comfortable for their employees and/or their guests is imperative for god business, especially during that long, hot summer. With a window tinting job by Energy Film Solutions, Boca Raton becomes a more affordable place to do business just as soon as our work is done. And our window film installation projects often take just a day or two for most small businesses! Keeping the hot sun from making your office too uncomfortable for productive work means cranking the AC for hours a day. And that means huge cooling costs. Don’t close the window blinds and leave your staff and patrons in the dark: call us up today to get those windows treated with window tinting films! We work with Boca Raton businesses of all types and sizes, from one-off shops to chain retail outlets to restaurants to huge office towers; regardless of the size or type of the business, the same fact is always true: our window tinting will pay for itself in reduced electricity costs over time. Solar window films block the infrared spectrum of sunlight; it’s these IR rays that warm things up and that you want to prevent. At the same time, our window tinting will let in natural light you love, so your Boca Raton business will remain bright and pleasant for productive work or a pleasant dining or shopping experience for your visitors.
Commercial Security Window Film
Keeping your business and those inside it safe is the main priority the good business owner. The people, the employees for whom you’re responsible and the customers/clients that keep you in business, and the materials inside your place of business must be protected against crime and against natural disasters. The best place to start enhancing that protection? The weakest part of your property, from a security standpoint: the windows. Almost any thief will try to use the windows when they try to break into a business, so the savvy move is to stay a step ahead of the crooks and install security window films in your Boca Raton business now. The modest investment in security window film will pay for itself ten times over after a single attempted break-in is thwarted and your business and those within it are kept safe. From the thief’s hammer to the windblown debris, when an object cracks against the strong, rugged window films we use, the glass may crack but it will never shatter, and the window pane will stay in place. Energy Film Solutions installs security films for many different types of commercial locations all around Boca Raton, from warehouses to law firms and more. Call us up today to discuss your potential security window film job and to learn more in general about window films.
Privacy Window Tinting
Whether you manage a gym or a doctor’s office, a restaurant or a retail shop, one thing is always true: patrons inside your Boca Raton business do not want to be ogled at from people out on the streets. Our privacy enhancing window films can tint your windows down to full opacity from external view while still preserving a crystal clear view to the outside world from within. Make your employees, clients, and patrons feel more comfortable and relaxed by treating your Boca Raton business with privacy window tinting.

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